Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Thoughts About Athletics

Fergus - I really liked playing in the sand when you run up and jump in it.

Katherine - I liked it when I won a race on the track.

Luke - I liked doing the races.

Aria - I liked it when I won 2 races.

Cooper - I liked the hurdles because you can jump over them.

Yassmine - I liked the running because I won 2 parts.

Jett - I liked the javelin because they go far.

Devin - I like the long jump because you get to jump far in the pit.

Matthew - I liked the one where you jumped into the pit because you could skid in the sand.

Charlotte - I liked having the running race because I put lots of effort into it.

Ayushman - I liked the high jump because I can jump so high.

Donatello - I liked the high jump because I kept jumping like a rabbit on it.

Zara - I liked having the race because me and Bridget ran too far.

Sophie - I liked doing the high jump because it was really fun.

Bridget - I really liked the hurdles because because my mum kept making me come to her.

Ashlee - I really liked shot put because when I did my first throw it hit someone. I tried it again and I got it straight and perfect.


  1. that would of token a long time to make that story because that is that awesomest story I have evear heard.

  2. I loved being at the athletics, and seeing you all have a go on the hurdles. You all did really well, and I bet you were all tired at the end of the day!!

  3. Hi Kids. It sounds like you had an awesome day at the athlecics track. I bet you were all puffed out and had to go to bed early? Well done. Kevin (BoT)

  4. I loved watching you jump over the hurdels Bridget. You can really run fast. It's good to know I was a good motivator for you. :)

    Love you