Monday, October 25, 2010


iPod Touch

Last week, we used the iPod touches for the first time. We can use them to help us with our learning. Elly showed us how we can practise our words using the iPod touches. Here is our first go...

Our New Mural

We have been waiting for AGES to see the new mural that Carolyn has been working on with some of the big kids. It got put up on was SO exciting to see it. It looks AMAZING! We helped the big kids think of some of their we can use it to help us with our learning.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our Stories

This week we have been learning how to write for an audience so that other people are interested in our stories. We needed to talk about what an audience was. Aria told us that an audience is lots of people in a crowd. A crowd is also a group of people - maybe our friends in our class or people who read our blog - out Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, grandma, grandad, nana and poppa.

To make our stories interesting, we decided that they needed to be longer (so we wrote for more than one day), have good information in them and they needed to be more exciting.

Here are our stories about the holidays and a Kidpix illustration to match.


Me and my cousins went on the train. We were with Uncle Bob. We were going to see Grandma and Poppa. He was at work. We had tea. Rachel sat with the adults. Brooke and Peyton sat at a little table. Me and Georgie sat at a high table. It was fun. We had to go back to Zara's house.


When we were at the hot pools it was warm. I went into the cold pool. It was like a freezer!


Ofa and Dad went to the aeroplane and went to Fiji.


I went in the caravan with Dad. I went to taupo. I went to taupo town and honked the trucks horn!


I had 2 games for me. One was with Scooby Doo.


I laid next to my baby. She did a big smile! My baby also pointed. I love my baby!


I went to the $2 shop. I brought a gun and another gun. Dad got me a dog mask - a greyhound from the chemist!

The wind blew me over! I fell to the ground. It hurt my hand. It was red. It was the wind! I went to the park in Palmerston North where a tree was, a big tree! I was with my mummy.


I got a lunch box. I got a Toy Story one with my sister and my nanny. I got it from the Warehouse. My sister got one too. She got it from Briscoes. It was fun.


Me and my brother made a tent. Me and Finn are going to sleep in the tent on Friday. You get a blanket and you put the blanket on the table and then you get a tent!


How are you Elly? I brought some food for you. There are two cookies and one cup of water. Do you want to come to my house? "Yes," said Elly. We might have macaroni for dinner!


I am making a present for my dad. It was fun making a present for my dad! It was a tool box. He uses it for fixing.


I went to my Mums work, Toyota. I had lunch and I ate all of it up! I got a treat. I went to my old school! I got to have face painting. I was sad because I didn't get to play very long.


Mum, mum! We are going to the beach! I saw a shark. I like the beach.


We went to Carterton for my brother's birthday. My brothers friends came too. My brothers friends did fast cartwheels. I tried to get a teddy, but I did not. I did get a lollipop!


I went to the Wellington Zoo and I saw the kiwis. I saw the giraffes! I got to feed the kiwis and the giraffes. They liked the carrots. I fed the kiwis bugs and it was cool!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Term 4, Day 1

We have started to learn about chunks in our class. Today we talked about the 'an' chunk. Here are the 'an' words that we have thought of.


I wonder if you can think of some more 'an' words with your Mum and Dad at home. If you think of some NEW 'an' words that we don't have, PLEASE leave a comment on our blog and tell us your new words. The 'an' chunk might be at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the word.