Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mentos and Coke - our second try!

We wanted to make the coke spray higher! We had lots of good ideas yesterday about how we could do that - bigger coke, more mentos etc.

Some of the big kids have already tried this and they told us that we needed to make something so we could get the mentos in quickly...

We were thinking very hard...and Jett was on to it...he thought we needed a big fat straw to put them in the that is what we did. We made a thick straw out of some plastic. here is what happened...

Matthew - The mentos exploded in the coke.

Fergus - You have to put the mentos in quickly.

Zara - it went higher than yesterday because the little one was smaller and it didn't have much coke in it.

Jett - The coke landed on me!

Katherine - the coke went higher than yesterday.

Cooper - the coke went on the grass and some of the mentos did too!

Charlotte - It is too slow to use our hands to put the mentos in.

Aria - we had to make a tube.

Sophie - you have to put the mentos in fast!


  1. we have tried it with our class too. Our mentos poped back out of the bottle. Maybe if we used a big straw too that wouldn't happen.

    From Cam, Emma, M, Georgia and Ngaire

  2. That must of been exiting we tried it to and our fizzy went splash