Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kiwi at Charlotte's House

"I am in my Mum and Dad's room. I went to Freya's house with Kiwi. We had chocolate and biscuits. They were chocolate chips. We played with the dolls. They had 2 prams. One was pink and the other one was red." Charlotte

Kiwi at Ferg's House

"Kiwi saw his Dad down at Lake Ferry" said Fergus

"The builders upstairs are still working on things. Kiwi and I are just sitting on the stairs."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

See our video!

Here is our video. We were a little bit disappointed because we did this twice this afternoon. The first one worked the best, but the video didn't work. You can get an idea though from seeing this video. Charlotte's dad was here to help us.

Mentos and Coke - our second try!

We wanted to make the coke spray higher! We had lots of good ideas yesterday about how we could do that - bigger coke, more mentos etc.

Some of the big kids have already tried this and they told us that we needed to make something so we could get the mentos in quickly...

We were thinking very hard...and Jett was on to it...he thought we needed a big fat straw to put them in the bottle...so that is what we did. We made a thick straw out of some plastic. here is what happened...

Matthew - The mentos exploded in the coke.

Fergus - You have to put the mentos in quickly.

Zara - it went higher than yesterday because the little one was smaller and it didn't have much coke in it.

Jett - The coke landed on me!

Katherine - the coke went higher than yesterday.

Cooper - the coke went on the grass and some of the mentos did too!

Charlotte - It is too slow to use our hands to put the mentos in.

Aria - we had to make a tube.

Sophie - you have to put the mentos in fast!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mentos and Coke

We did an experiment today with coke and mentos. Before we did the experiment we needed to "predict" what would happen. Predicting means guessing/saying what we think might happen.

Here are our predictions...

Yassmine - I think it will explode in everyone's face.

Donatello - I think the coke will explode up the top.

Bridget - I think it will go up and everywhere.

Charlotte - I think the bottle will tip over.

Qwade - I think the bottle will tip over.

Luke - I think the bottle will crack open.

Sai - I think the bottle will go up and down.

Zara - I think the bottle will fall over and all of the coke will fall out.

Aria - I think the coke will jump up.

Cooper - I think it will explode because of the mentos.

Fergus - All of the coke will go on the table.

Ayushman - I think the water will come up and down.

Katherine - I think the mentos will explode out - pop, pop, pop!

Reagan - I think that it will explode up.

Ashlee - I think the coke will explode out.

Sohpie - The coke is going to come out of the bottle.

Jett - I think it will explode just like the volcano we made.

We went outside to see what would happen...Jett was right! It did look like the vocanoes we made! The coke bubbled up and spilled out of the bottle.

Next we watched a utube video of the coke and mentos experiment... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKoB0MHVBvM

Our experiment did not go that high! How could we make ours go higher???

Jett - I think if we put more mentos in it will go higher.

Aria - I think we might need more coke to make it go higher.

Fergus - I think we need a bigger bottle so we can put lots of coke in it.

Katherine - If we have a bigger bottle and more mentos it will explode out.

Charlotte - I think we need to fill the bottle up to the top.

Luke - I think we need 808 bottles to make it go up into space!

Great ideas guys!! Lets see what we can do!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Zara - on the blog, we can play games. We are learning to add numbers together.

Katherine - we are learning to count in 2's.

Sophie - we are learning to count in 5's.

Ashlee - we are learning to put numbers in order. We are getting better by practising

Cooper - we are learning to count in 10's.

Charlotte - We are trying to 12 - 10 with the number lines.

Sophie - Elly writes them up and we have to work them out. The number lines help us.

Jett - We have been learning to do pluses. We use our hands. Sometimes Elly asks us to sit on our hands. It is trickier then. We have to think in our brains.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Student Teacher

We are so lucky to have Joy with us for the next 4 weeks. Joy is in her 2nd year of the Early Years Programme at Massey. She will be able to teach children who are between the age of 0 and 8. Welcome Joy!

Kiwi at Elly's House