Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Science with Ebony

Cooper - It was a little bit like a puzzle, but it was a light. We didn't know how it worked, but a wire connected to a battery and then...

Charlotte - There was a big battery with a little wire coming out - you put a light bulb in and then you connect it to another battery. If you put it to the battery the light bulb went.

Ashlee - The battery was making the light go. Because if we broke the circuit, the light wont go.

Jett - We made a light like a Christmas tree.

Luke - We can add some wires. The little tweezers can open up.

Bridget - Ebony wrote a book about electricity and she read it to us.

Ashlee - No, actually it was a real author who wrote it.


  1. Looks like you had heaps of fun with Ebony.Dan

  2. Good afternoon Aniwaniwa.

    You have been good learners with listening to Ebony about how to make the circuit go. We have done that with Ebony as well. We learnt that two batteries and one light would make the light shinnyer. And if you have two light bulbs and one battery if would only make one go.

    Great work Aniwaniwa!

  3. We liked looking at your photos. It looked like fun!
    Amazing 8.

  4. Wow it looks like you had a lot of fun .

  5. we did the same thinh that you did

  6. wow look s like fun I hope you like it.

  7. We did the same as you but we only used 1 battery.