Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rainbow Colours

Today we made rainbow colours with milk, food colouring and detergent. We did one together in a big bowl and then we had our own turn with little cups. I wonder why the colours all mixed together?

Here are our stories about the experiment...

"Today I liked what we did. We put food colouring in the cup. We put milk in the cup. I liked it." Katherine

"I made a cool experiment. I saw cool colours." Sophie

"My one went pink and different colours. My experiment got tipped down the sink." Bridget

"I made a colourful food colouring with some stuff. We put a recipe together to make the mixture." Charlotte

"I saw the mixture in the bowl." Luke

"We mixed milk and food colouring and it mixed. The colours were digital and bright purple." Devin

"We put in the food colouring. We put in the milk. We watched what happened to the food colouring. We saw what happened to the milk. We saw the food colouring disappear. We could not see what was happening." Zara

"I put the milk in the food colouring." Donatello

"I put the milk in the bowl to watch." Ashlee

"We mixed the food colouring in the cup. The food colouring went purple." Jett

"I saw what happened. It was cool. I liked it. It was so cool with some things. We had milk, dish washing liquid and dye." Cooper


  1. I love your rainbows. That looks like good team work guys. Good stuff!!!

  2. Wow you guys must of had a really fun time doing this experiment.