Thursday, August 26, 2010

Short and Tall

We spent some time in Maths today talking about "Tall and Short". We have put our selves in order from tallest to shortest - look!

Then Carolyn did something tricky! Can you write a post if you figure out the trick? Remember to use our maths words - shorter and taller.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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WOW!! I have just come on our blog and noticed that we have had 5000 visitors to our site! Thank you for visiting and a HUGE thank you to those of you who have left a comment to support our learning.

Rainbow Colours

Today we made rainbow colours with milk, food colouring and detergent. We did one together in a big bowl and then we had our own turn with little cups. I wonder why the colours all mixed together?

Here are our stories about the experiment...

"Today I liked what we did. We put food colouring in the cup. We put milk in the cup. I liked it." Katherine

"I made a cool experiment. I saw cool colours." Sophie

"My one went pink and different colours. My experiment got tipped down the sink." Bridget

"I made a colourful food colouring with some stuff. We put a recipe together to make the mixture." Charlotte

"I saw the mixture in the bowl." Luke

"We mixed milk and food colouring and it mixed. The colours were digital and bright purple." Devin

"We put in the food colouring. We put in the milk. We watched what happened to the food colouring. We saw what happened to the milk. We saw the food colouring disappear. We could not see what was happening." Zara

"I put the milk in the food colouring." Donatello

"I put the milk in the bowl to watch." Ashlee

"We mixed the food colouring in the cup. The food colouring went purple." Jett

"I saw what happened. It was cool. I liked it. It was so cool with some things. We had milk, dish washing liquid and dye." Cooper

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Science with Ebony

Cooper - It was a little bit like a puzzle, but it was a light. We didn't know how it worked, but a wire connected to a battery and then...

Charlotte - There was a big battery with a little wire coming out - you put a light bulb in and then you connect it to another battery. If you put it to the battery the light bulb went.

Ashlee - The battery was making the light go. Because if we broke the circuit, the light wont go.

Jett - We made a light like a Christmas tree.

Luke - We can add some wires. The little tweezers can open up.

Bridget - Ebony wrote a book about electricity and she read it to us.

Ashlee - No, actually it was a real author who wrote it.

Discovery Time

On Friday, Sophie, Charlotte, Ashlee and Fergus spent a long time making a movie. They showed wonderful perseverance and great cooperation skills. Here is the finished product...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jump Jam

Every Friday morning, we go to the hall for Jump Jam. It is a fun way to dance and do fitness at the same time. The kids from the Jump Jam club are up the front for us to follow. Watch these videos of us at Jump Jam.

Kiwi at Aria's House

Kiwi at Donatello's House

Kiwi at Ashlee's House

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This afternoon we talked about our panpipes. Elly was wondering if we remembered the science - how was the sound made? Here is what we know. We are SO clever!

This afternoon we talked about our panpipes. Elly was wondering if we remembered the science - how was the sound made? Here is what we know. We are SO clever!

Sucking Celery

We love Science in our class! Today we explored how celery drinks water. Here is the process so you can try it at home if you want to...

The celery that is in the red food colouring has turned red. It happened really quickly! The celery that is in the blue food celery hasn't changed colour yet - maybe it will by the morning? Why did the celery not turn blue at the same time that the other celery turned red?

Science with Toni

At the end of this term, Carolyn will be starting her very own class! That will be exciting for her, but we will miss her teaching us on Thursdays.

BUT we are excited because Toni will be our new Thursday teacher. She came to teach us yesterday. It was really nice to get to know her. We even did some science with her. Here is what we did!

Kiwi at Bridget's House

We Came 2nd!

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Did you see our blog last week? Stephen organised a Shape Challenge for the whole school and we came 2nd! Yay - well done Aniwaniwa! You had good spy eyes!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jumping Raisins

We saw some jumping raisins on the Rockets blog. We thought it looked pretty cool. We wanted to have a go too. Here are our raisins in lemonade. They are jumping! They go up to the top and then down again.

I wonder why they do that?

Challenge from Stephen

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Stephen has given us a challenge to find 25 different shapes around the school. The winning class will get a prize! We hope we win!

Kiwi at Devin's House

Kiwi at Zara's House

Friday, August 6, 2010


At discovery time today, Fergus and Jett made a really cool marble track. Fergus asked if I could take a photo so our Mums and Dads could see - we have gone 1 better with a movie.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Science with Ngaire

We are doing a science rotation for the next couple of weeks. Today we went to see Ngaire. Here is what we learnt about.

Cooper - We learnt how dinosaurs eat.

Luke - They have to eat rocks before their breakfast.

Matthew - The rocks rub the leaves together to make them smaller in their tummies.

Charlotte - I know that when dinosaurs were around we didn't live in houses we lived in caves.

Aria - We had paper towels and we had a jar with water. We put the towels in the jars. We got the towels, and the water got smaller.

Sophie - The water went in the paper towels.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Cloak Bay

Carolyn and a group of big kids came to see us today. They told us that they are going to paint a mural on the other side of our cloak bay. They needed our help. There are going to be lots of pictures from all of the letters of the alphabet. The big kids needed our help to think of things they could paint. We can't wait to see what they do!


We had a special show today called Strike. Here are some photos of the show.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kiwi at Lukes House


We were excited to start learning about science today. Some of us didn't know what science was about. It is quite tricky to understand, but Elly explained that science is about how things work.

Today we explored a little bit about sound. We made panpipes and discovered that when you blow across the ends of straws, it makes a sound. If the straw is long is makes a low sound. If the straw is short, it makes a high sound. We also talked about how the air is vibrating down the straw.

Check out the video below to hear Matthew explaining how this all works.