Friday, July 30, 2010

Our First Discovery Time

We have just had our very first Discovery Time. This is a time when we play and learn about things like sharing, taking turns and speaking nicely to other people. Here are our photos from today.

Aria - I made a t.v and a remote. The Wot Wots were on my t.v.

Katherine - I really liked the box that I made.

Devin - I liked playing with the dolls house and the chalk. I made a pretty butterfly.

Charlotte - I liked playing with the chalk and the boxes.

Jett - I made a mouse trap.

Fergus - We made a train track together - me and Reagan and Cooper and Luke and Ayushman.

Qwade - I liked making my castle.

Zara - I liked making my t.v.


  1. I hope you had fabulise time in discovery time i no my fist time

  2. Great discovery time! guys!