Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Willard Home

Today we went for a walk over to Willard Home. Willard Home is a rest home that is next to our school. People live there who don't want to live by themselves anymore. Before we went, we had a discussion about how we wanted to share some of our learning to make the people at Willard Home happy. Here are our comments when we got back to school.

Cooper - we read to the Nannies.

Matthew - the people at Willard Home want to live together.

Aria - The people don't want to live by themselves.

Zara - They are old people and they want to live there.

jett - We read our poems.

Sophie - We had to get our two books and our poetry book.

Devin - We wanted to make them happy.

Cooper - they miss us in the holidays.

Ashlee - Yeah, they don't have holidays.

Zara - they could come to see us in our class.

They need help to walk.

Cooper - if they are old, they can jump the walker. If they are really old then they use the wheels.

I noticed that some of the old people know the same songs that we know. That is cool!


  1. Dear Aniwaniwa
    I think that your puppets are really awsome. They were all sooo cute.
    From Caitlin

  2. dear aniwaniwa you are really good at makeing puppets there cool aniwaniwa.