Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sophie's Puppet


  1. I like your puppet sophie. is it a dog or a animal or a person? It looks like a dog to me. I like how you talk about your puppet. Good job! My puppet is a dog. It is a girl. Is your puppet a girl or a boy? My puppets name is called Dotty it is a twin with Spotty lily's puppet. They look different but they both have pink dresses. We made a song up the song goes like this "Were Spotty and Dotty were mushabellys we have so much fun! roof,roof,roof,roof!

  2. GREAT work on your puppet I wish I cold have it

  3. WOW look at the cool puppet.Is it a dog.It is allsime .I made a puppet.from cam

  4. WOW! Sophie I like your puppet it is cute
    is it a dog? me and Gess puppets are the same
    and we are twins spotty said... me and dotty made up a song do you want to here it? were spotty and
    dotty were mushabellys we have so much fun!
    roof roof roof roof!!!

  5. OMG! that is one awsome puppet. very detailed too. It looks like it took a long time to make it look as awsome as it is!!