Friday, June 25, 2010

Pet Show

Room 12 had a pet show today. We really enjoyed going to the hall to see the animals. Here are our stories about it.

Matthew - I liked the spider.

Fergus - I liked the little cat.

Cooper - I went to the pet show. I liked the dog.

Charlotte - I liked the big fat cat and the little cat.

Reagan - I went to the pet show. I liked the fat car. I brushed it.

Zara - I see a little cat. I see a guinea pigs.

Aria - I see the birds.

Sophie - I like the fat cat and the spider.

Jett - I like the big fat cat in the cage.

Katherine - I liked the little guinea pigs.

Luke - I like the little spider.

Ayushman - I went to the hall. The cat is cute. I liked it.

Donatello - I like the spider.

Devin - I went to the pet show to see the dog.

Yassmine - I like the big fat cat.

Ashlee - I like the rabbit. I went to the pet show.

Sai - I went to the hall. I saw the cat.

Bridget - I like the rabbits.


  1. Dear Aniwaniwa

    I loved the pet show too the animals were all so adorable my favourite was probably the cats well they were all so cute like you guys i love your blog from Tewhareawhina

  2. I loved all the animals! But I liked the dogs the most:)

  3. We liked how excited you about pet day I would like to know what you would make better? Sarah and Kayla;.]

  4. That was the best picher iv ever seen I hope you had a big smile