Friday, June 4, 2010

Levi Vaoga - The Mega Strongman

Wow!! Room 6 (our buddy class) won a competition to have a tug of war against the Mega Mitre 10 Strongman - Levi! This is happening this afternoon. I wonder who will win!

Before we did this voicethread, we talked about what it means to doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...predicting is about what we think will happen. We talked about how it is important to tell people why we think what we do...'because' is a great word to use when we are predicting. Listen to our predictions.


  1. I hope your buddies did win! Are you going to tell us on your blog who the winner was?

  2. You gave some good reasons for your choice. I like the way you all spoke so clearly! I could hear every word you said. David