Thursday, June 17, 2010

Help Us, Please!

Today we looked closely at a face - these are all the parts of a face we could name.
Lipstick on her lips
Eyes - Ashlee
Teeth - Cooper
Chin - Jett
Eyebrows - Charlotte
Nosehole - Charlotte - "Where we breathe out." Ashlee
Nostrils - Jett
"The dot in our eye. It's like a full stop!" Charlotte
The white bit in our eye
"We have a colour in our eyes." - Devin
"It's by those wobbly bits," said Charlotte, pushing the skin on her forehead around. "Your wrinkles?" said Carolyn. "Yes!"

But - we have a problem - what is the name of the little black dot in our eye? Carolyn knows but she won't tell us - she says we have to find out for ourselves. Can you write a comment on our blog to tell us? Also, is there a special name for the coloured part of our eye? Please help us so we can tell Carolyn next Thursday!


  1. Hi Aniwaniwa,

    The little part of our eye is called a pupil. Sorry but we don't know what the coloured part of our eye is called.

    The Pirates of the Pacific

  2. The pupil is really a hole in your eye where light goes in. If you could look into that hole, you would see another part of your eye that's hidden away inside - it's called the *lens*.

  3. Hi Charlotte, It's mum here. Your blog is soooooo cool :)
    I came home today and you told me the's "pupil". well done. You are learning lots!
    Keep up the great work.

  4. The coloured part of your eye is called the iris. Charlotte looked this up on Google...the joys of technology.

  5. Wow - I just took a break from cooking dinner and you have already solved our problem! You are all such keen learners! Well done!

  6. I love how we all have such different colours of the iris. Mine is called hazel. My sisters all have an iris that is brown. Margaret

  7. Michelle (Katherine's mum)June 18, 2010 at 10:37 AM

    Eyes come in so many different colours - brown, blue, green, hazel....that part of the eye is called the iris. Iris is also the name of a type of flower - did you know that!?

    The pupil is the black dot in the middle of the iris. Pupil is also another name for student. It's amazing how one word can have more than one meaning!

    By the way, I have hazel eyes. What colour are yours?