Friday, June 25, 2010

Pet Show

Room 12 had a pet show today. We really enjoyed going to the hall to see the animals. Here are our stories about it.

Matthew - I liked the spider.

Fergus - I liked the little cat.

Cooper - I went to the pet show. I liked the dog.

Charlotte - I liked the big fat cat and the little cat.

Reagan - I went to the pet show. I liked the fat car. I brushed it.

Zara - I see a little cat. I see a guinea pigs.

Aria - I see the birds.

Sophie - I like the fat cat and the spider.

Jett - I like the big fat cat in the cage.

Katherine - I liked the little guinea pigs.

Luke - I like the little spider.

Ayushman - I went to the hall. The cat is cute. I liked it.

Donatello - I like the spider.

Devin - I went to the pet show to see the dog.

Yassmine - I like the big fat cat.

Ashlee - I like the rabbit. I went to the pet show.

Sai - I went to the hall. I saw the cat.

Bridget - I like the rabbits.


We had a discussion today about reading. We talked about all we have learnt since we started school. Lots of us didn't know how to read when we started and now we are fantastic readers! Here are some of the ideas that we shared about our learning in reading.

We have learnt how to...
- look at the picture and the word.
- go back to the beginning of the sentence if we get stuck.
- think in our heads what the word might be.
- get our mouth ready for the first sound.
- jump our finger to each word.

You can hear what some of us said...











Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Willard Home

Today we went for a walk over to Willard Home. Willard Home is a rest home that is next to our school. People live there who don't want to live by themselves anymore. Before we went, we had a discussion about how we wanted to share some of our learning to make the people at Willard Home happy. Here are our comments when we got back to school.

Cooper - we read to the Nannies.

Matthew - the people at Willard Home want to live together.

Aria - The people don't want to live by themselves.

Zara - They are old people and they want to live there.

jett - We read our poems.

Sophie - We had to get our two books and our poetry book.

Devin - We wanted to make them happy.

Cooper - they miss us in the holidays.

Ashlee - Yeah, they don't have holidays.

Zara - they could come to see us in our class.

They need help to walk.

Cooper - if they are old, they can jump the walker. If they are really old then they use the wheels.

I noticed that some of the old people know the same songs that we know. That is cool!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Help Us, Please!

Today we looked closely at a face - these are all the parts of a face we could name.
Lipstick on her lips
Eyes - Ashlee
Teeth - Cooper
Chin - Jett
Eyebrows - Charlotte
Nosehole - Charlotte - "Where we breathe out." Ashlee
Nostrils - Jett
"The dot in our eye. It's like a full stop!" Charlotte
The white bit in our eye
"We have a colour in our eyes." - Devin
"It's by those wobbly bits," said Charlotte, pushing the skin on her forehead around. "Your wrinkles?" said Carolyn. "Yes!"

But - we have a problem - what is the name of the little black dot in our eye? Carolyn knows but she won't tell us - she says we have to find out for ourselves. Can you write a comment on our blog to tell us? Also, is there a special name for the coloured part of our eye? Please help us so we can tell Carolyn next Thursday!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Crash Comes to Visit

On Thursday afternoon we had a surprise visitor! Charlotte's new puppy, Crash, came to see us. The children were fascinated by her. She was just nine weeks old and she was quivering with excitement at the sight of all of us! The expressions on the children's faces are priceless. Thanks, Charlotte, for giving us that wonderful opportunity!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Levi Vaoga - The Mega Strongman

We had a great afternoon on Friday! Levi came from Mega Mitre 10 and had a tug of war with Room 6. Here are some photos from the day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Levi Vaoga - The Mega Strongman

Wow!! Room 6 (our buddy class) won a competition to have a tug of war against the Mega Mitre 10 Strongman - Levi! This is happening this afternoon. I wonder who will win!

Before we did this voicethread, we talked about what it means to doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...predicting is about what we think will happen. We talked about how it is important to tell people why we think what we do...'because' is a great word to use when we are predicting. Listen to our predictions.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Violets in Aniwaniwa

Today we have two new African violets in our class. We found out about violets in a non-fiction book. Non fictions books have facts in them, not stories. They can be about dinosaurs, sea creatures, or anything we are interested in.
Cooper learnt that you can't put water on the leaves because they will burn.
"The african flowers sit on stones," says Ayushman.
"We don't give the African violets showers on the top," says Devin.
"They don't like to be out in the hot sun," say Sophie and Zara.
Carolyn gave US misty showers instead! We thought that was pretty funny!
"The leaves were soft, they were kind of furry like a dog," said Ashlee.
" We don't put water on the soil or the roots will rot," said Matthew.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today we had a discussion about gymnastics. We spoke about how it is great that we want to get better at a certain thing (e.g skipping, forward rolls etc), but how will we do that? Here is some of our thinking...

Katherine - I want to put the rope behind me and then put it in front and then skip.

Fergus - I am trying to jump over the rope.

Sophie - I am trying to get it over my head.

Yassmine - I am trying to skip fast.

Jett - I am trying to do it backwards.

Cooper - I am trying to get better at rolling over. I need to put my chin down and put my hands close to my toes and then you push.

Devin - I am trying to get better at jumping on the mat from the tramp on my feet.

Ayushman - I want to get faster at my forward rolls.

Ashlee - I want to get better at jumping up and putting my hands down first on the box.

Zara - I want to get better at jumping in skipping.

Charlotte - I want to get better at jumping off the box. I am trying to bend my knees and then put my hands up.

M - I want to get better at the skipping. I want to be able to jump.

Donatello - I want to get better at jumping in skipping.

Reagan - I want to get better at jumping off the beam. I need to bend my knees when I land.

Sai - I want to get better at skipping.

Aria - I want to do cartwheels. You just have to go around in a circle.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fergus' Learning Photos

Fergus had a special job to do today. He needed to take some photos of some good learning. Look at these great photos of Charlotte and Reagan that Fergus took.

What are they learning?

Aniwaniwa "We are learning how to read."

I asked the children what they were learning to do at reading are some of their responses...

Silver Fern, Pohutukawa, Kowhai Reading Groups
are learning what to do when they get to a tricky word.

Sophie "You can go back to the start of the sentence."

Cooper "You can sound out the first letter."

Ashlee "You can look at the picture to help you."

Cabbage Tree and Kauri Reading Groups
are learning to point to every word as they read.

Yassmine "We need to jump our finger to each word."

We talked about how we won't always need to point to the words. Elly doesn't point to the words when she reads us a book! We need to do it at the moment, so we can make sure our eyes are looking at all of the words carefully.