Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We have been talking about what we do when we get stuck at writing time...

Sophie said that our word card helps us to write because it has words on it.

Ayushman likes using the word card because it has sounds of the letters on it.

Jett said that we put a word in our mouths, chew it up and stretch it out like bubble gum.

Devin said that she always thinks about the letters.

Reagan said that he puts a line under the word he doesn't know.

What great learners we have in our class!


  1. You guys must be GREAT learners if you can do that!I just love your leaning so much,if I were you I would be so inpressed with myself.I love looking on your class blog!I'm very pleased with you!

  2. wow guys this Writing is relly cool