Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Little Yellow Digger

Today our Rainbow Book colour was yellow so we read 3 Little Yellow Digger books. We made our own Little Yellow Digger book with pictures of our favourite parts in the stories. We made a bar graph that shows what our favourite digger book was. It was a tie between the story about all the diggers getting stuck and the story about the digger digging up dinosaur bones. Only two people liked the one about the digger making a new pool for the hippos. Carolyn thinks we are getting really good at knowing what the parts of a graph are and how to read a graph. Look at our graph up on the wall with all our other Rainbow Book learning. Next week - GREEN!


  1. coopers aunty and uncle had lots of fun seeing and reading about what cooper and his friends do at russell street school in aniwaniwa!

  2. That likes like some hard work Aniwaniwa.

  3. That looks like hard work Aniwaniwa