Monday, May 31, 2010


We started gymnastics last week. We go to the hall with The Explorers and Tohora. Here is what we would like to get better at...

Katherine - skipping
Ayushman - forward rolls
Qwade - forward rolls
Sophie - skipping
Sai - skipping
Cooper - forward rolls
Charlotte - box
Devin - tramp
Donatello - skipping
Fergus - skipping
Ashlee - box
Zara - skipping
Yassmine - skipping
Jett - skipping


  1. Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all enjoying your gymnastics this week. I see that some of you are trying to get better at skipping. A good choice. What are you trying to do better? (Are you trying to skip more times without tripping or are you trying a new way of skipping?) Put in your best effort. David

  2. Hello Aniwaniwa class
    I can see that you are trying to get better at skipping, forward rolls, box and tramp. I used to love gymnastics when I was your age. It's so much fun!
    Michelle (Katherine's Mum)