Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buddy Sock Puppets - Day 2

This afternoon, we spent some more time with our buddies from Room 6. Our aim of the afternoon was to make the mouth for our puppets. Here is what the children said we needed to do...

We had to cut the cardboard to make a mouth. (Jett)

We needed to stick it on the sock. (Katherine)

You needed to go where the teacher is. (Qwade)

Deb or Elly glued the cardboard onto the sock (Devin) ...with a hot glue gun. (Charlotte)

The sock was inside, so you had to turn it round the right way. (Sophie)

While it was hot, we had to wave it around to cool it down. (Fergus)

Then we played with it so we could test it. (Ashlee)

Next time we will put the googly eyes and the nose on. (Cooper)

We need the ears so they can hear. (Ashlee)


  1. Hi buddy's how you doing? Are you guys excited! I bet you are.

  2. I am really looking forward to seeing those sock puppets. You all sound like you know exactly what to do. Good work!
    Michelle (Katherine's mum)