Monday, May 31, 2010


We started gymnastics last week. We go to the hall with The Explorers and Tohora. Here is what we would like to get better at...

Katherine - skipping
Ayushman - forward rolls
Qwade - forward rolls
Sophie - skipping
Sai - skipping
Cooper - forward rolls
Charlotte - box
Devin - tramp
Donatello - skipping
Fergus - skipping
Ashlee - box
Zara - skipping
Yassmine - skipping
Jett - skipping

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Guess what!? Carolyn couldn't find a book with Indigo in the title - oh no! We had a problem. We decided to write our own indigo book. We had some time by ourselves painting the pictures with indigo paint and paint brushes and it took a little while to make our pictures. Our book was about us doing indigo coloured things!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sophie's Writing

Today in Writing, we are going to look at Sophie's writing and list all of the things that we can see that she has done well. Check out our comments later today.

Devin's Writing

Today in Writing, we are going to look at Devin's writing and list all of the things that we can see that she has done well. Check out our comments later today.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Monsters' Party

Last week, we read a book called "The Monsters' Party" by Joy Cowley. We read it everyday. On Friday, we decided to turn it into a movie. We made a storyboard and then decided who was going to be each character. We went away in groups and decided how we were going to act out each part. The fun part was dressing up like monsters. Cooper videoed us while we acted out our scene. We hope you like our movie.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buddy Sock Puppets - Day 2

This afternoon, we spent some more time with our buddies from Room 6. Our aim of the afternoon was to make the mouth for our puppets. Here is what the children said we needed to do...

We had to cut the cardboard to make a mouth. (Jett)

We needed to stick it on the sock. (Katherine)

You needed to go where the teacher is. (Qwade)

Deb or Elly glued the cardboard onto the sock (Devin) ...with a hot glue gun. (Charlotte)

The sock was inside, so you had to turn it round the right way. (Sophie)

While it was hot, we had to wave it around to cool it down. (Fergus)

Then we played with it so we could test it. (Ashlee)

Next time we will put the googly eyes and the nose on. (Cooper)

We need the ears so they can hear. (Ashlee)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ashlee's Writing

Cooper's Writing

Yassmine's Writing


Wow! It has been amazing to see the progress that the children in Aniwaniwa have made with their reading. We brainstormed today all of the things that we can do if we get stuck at reading time. Listen to our great ideas...

Ashlee said we can get our mouths ready for the first sound.

Fergus said if you get stuck you can just go back again to the start.

Katherine (who is at school for her very first day) said that you could ask someone to help you.

Cooper said you can look at the picture.

Qwade said when I get stuck, I sound the letter out.

Jett said that we point with our fingers to help us read.

Charlotte said we can jump our finger to each new word.

Ayushman said we have to look at the word not at the roof or our friend.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Buddies

Deb and The Wizards of Oz came to see us this week. We were very excited to meet our buddies. You can see us in the photos with our buddies. We got to know our buddies while we designed our very own sock puppet. We are looking forward to starting the making process next week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We have been talking about what we do when we get stuck at writing time...

Sophie said that our word card helps us to write because it has words on it.

Ayushman likes using the word card because it has sounds of the letters on it.

Jett said that we put a word in our mouths, chew it up and stretch it out like bubble gum.

Devin said that she always thinks about the letters.

Reagan said that he puts a line under the word he doesn't know.

What great learners we have in our class!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Puppet Show

We went to a puppet show in the hall today. Here is what we enjoyed the most...

Reagan liked it when the sock puppet bumped his head.

Sophie liked it when the diving board went up.

Cooper liked it when the sock puppet was trying to pull down the egg when the dinsoaur was coming out.

Ayushman liked the diving board and the water in the swimming pool.

Charlotte liked it when the man swallowed the sword.

Sai liked it when the duck fell down.

Devin liked the elephant drinking all of the water.

Jett liked it when the puppet swallowed the sword.

Ashlee liked it when the puppet swallowed the sword.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Ordering Numbers

We are learning to order numbers. Here we are doing it together.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Are my feet flat on the floor?
Is my back nice and straight?
Show me how your pencil's held!

This is the rhyme we say to get ready to do our handwriting! Today we were writing the letter"T".
Look at how hard we are concentrating!

The Little Yellow Digger

Today our Rainbow Book colour was yellow so we read 3 Little Yellow Digger books. We made our own Little Yellow Digger book with pictures of our favourite parts in the stories. We made a bar graph that shows what our favourite digger book was. It was a tie between the story about all the diggers getting stuck and the story about the digger digging up dinosaur bones. Only two people liked the one about the digger making a new pool for the hippos. Carolyn thinks we are getting really good at knowing what the parts of a graph are and how to read a graph. Look at our graph up on the wall with all our other Rainbow Book learning. Next week - GREEN!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cross Country Photos

I was so proud of you today Aniwaniwa! I know that running is very hard, but you have done it! Well done. I loved taking these photos of you because I can see that you were trying your best.

Cross Country

We have just got back from Cross Country. Here is how the children felt they went.