Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Favourite Stories

Earlier this week, David asked what our favourite fairy tale was. Here are the stories we have heard so far...

1. Chicken Little
2. Billy Goats Gruff
3. The Little Red Hen

D, Sai, Reagan and Qwade liked Chicken Little the best.

Sophie, Jett, C and Ashlee liked Billy Goats Gruff the best.

Yassmine, Charlotte, Fergus and Ayushman liked The Little Red Hen the best.

Next week we are going to hear two more from Ebony and one from Elly. I wonder what will be our favourite story then?


  1. I like chicken little the ABSOLOUTLE BEST and I also wonder what the other story's are going to be from Ebony and Ally?

  2. Wow guys those are some cool books. my favorite book is that big fat cow go's kapow

  3. I like billy goats gruff and chicken little and the little red Hen