Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We are learning to order numbers from 1 - 10.

Reagan said "it was hard."

Fergus said "I know how to get better - you just have to count the numbers. You just stand where you have to go."

Charlotte said "You need to have a look at your number and line up. Everyone else has to look at their numbers too and we can help them go at the front of the line or the back the line."

Jett was the judge and he thinks that the children need to think.

Ashlee said "if you dont know your number, you need to ask someone and then that person will tell you where to go."

Jett said "if a child doesn't know a number, we can tell them."


  1. Hay guys,
    Thanks so much for sharing lots of good things with us. It’s like enjoying ayushman’s childhood in home when he is spending lots of time in school. It’s great to see ayush and other kids had fun reading, writing and creating. I loved your Smarty Pants collages. Keep up the great work.

    Waiting for lots of new creation… Shruti

  2. Cool maths! Whats 3+2? You guys must be smart at maths.Maybe next week you can learn whats 5+2.

  3. Wow that's cool maths kept up the good work