Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orange Pear Apple Bear

We read "Orange Pear Apple Bear". Orange is the second colour in a rainbow. Last week we read "Barnaby Bennet." It was about a boy who only wore RED. The bear went green like a pear! The bear turned red like an apple. The bear turned orange like an orange. We ate some apple and some orange and pear. We wrote some words about apples and oranges and pears. Some of the words were: juicy, "when the juice gets in your lips it hurts" sour, yummy, cold, cut the pear open, smooth, bumpy, the pear seeds looked like they said Room 10. We filled a whole page with describing words! After lunch we wrote a story about the fruit and the bear.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We are learning to order numbers from 1 - 10.

Reagan said "it was hard."

Fergus said "I know how to get better - you just have to count the numbers. You just stand where you have to go."

Charlotte said "You need to have a look at your number and line up. Everyone else has to look at their numbers too and we can help them go at the front of the line or the back the line."

Jett was the judge and he thinks that the children need to think.

Ashlee said "if you dont know your number, you need to ask someone and then that person will tell you where to go."

Jett said "if a child doesn't know a number, we can tell them."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Smarty Pants

Last week, we read the big book, Smarty Pants. We pretended that we were Smarty Pants too. Here we are...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Favourite Stories

Earlier this week, David asked what our favourite fairy tale was. Here are the stories we have heard so far...

1. Chicken Little
2. Billy Goats Gruff
3. The Little Red Hen

D, Sai, Reagan and Qwade liked Chicken Little the best.

Sophie, Jett, C and Ashlee liked Billy Goats Gruff the best.

Yassmine, Charlotte, Fergus and Ayushman liked The Little Red Hen the best.

Next week we are going to hear two more from Ebony and one from Elly. I wonder what will be our favourite story then?

Term 2, Week 1 Reflection

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cross Country Training

"I was puffed,"said Jett.
"I was hot and my hands were hot," said Yassmine.
"I am running with Sophie," says Sai.
"I was getting tired," said Fergus.
"I was getting really, really hot," said Ashlee.
"I ran with a teacher 'cos I got puffed," said Devin.
"I ran with Sophie and Ana," said Charlotte.
Carolyn was really proud of how hard we all tried!

Making a Graph

In our graph there were more spoons than anything else. There were two knives.
There were cups on the graph. A graph has bars. We tried to count the numbers of things in the bars. In each bar they have to have all the same things that were in the piles on the floor. Mugs and knives had the same number - 2. The cups go up to number 4. The plates go up to number 5. Next week we are going to make graphs about our shoes and our lunch-boxes.

Crazy Hat Day

On the last day of Term 1 we all wore crazy hats to help raise money for the Leaf School in Cambodia - look at our CRAZY hats!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3

This term we are having a focus on Story Telling. This week we have been going to different classes to hear different fairy tales. Yesterday, Nicole told us the story of Chicken Little and today, Sandi told us the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We are going to see Jocelyn tomorrow. I wonder what story we will hear from her!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ashlee said, "we are learning to write 'I am.'"

"We can look around our class to help us," said Jett.

"There is an "I am" poster on the wall," said Reagan.

Sophie said, "we can look on Elly's board."

Sai showed us where "I am" is on our word card.

We are getting very clever at writing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome back to Term 2

Wow! What a great day we have had today. It was lovely to welcome back the 7 children who started school at the end of last term - Jett, Charlotte, Ayushman, Ashlee, Fergus, Reagan and Sai. Today we welcomed 5 new children to our class - Sophie, D, Yassmine, C and Qwade. It was really good to have a walk around the school this morning. We talked about where everything is at Russell Street School. We know where the toilets are, where Ag and David work, where the staffroom is and where we can play at brunch and lunch time. The children could even help Elly get back to class when she got lost!

At the end of this week, we are on assembly with our buddy class, Room 6. It will be great to show you some of our learning in our first week back. You are welcome to come and see us at our assembly. It is in the hall at 2:20pm on Friday. The children (except for Ashlee and Fergus, who have already been to an assembly) will all be welcomed to our school and receive a welcome certificate.