Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorting Objects for Maths

Last Thursday, Carolyn had brought three bags from home and she needed our help sorting everything out. We sorted Duplo and trains and picnic things. At first we we had tracks and trains and tunnels then Jett noticed that there were carriages and engines so we split them up. Then we thought we could do the same with all the track. Once we had done that we could easily see what the biggest pile was - and everyone had something that they noticed about all the piles. "There's only one tunnel." "The biggest pile is the curved track." We lined the Duplo piles up from biggest to smallest. By the time we sorted the picnic things, Carolyn did not have to help even a little bit! This is the beginning of statistics. Next time we will make simple graphs.


  1. Wow Aniwaniwa!!! You are doing some FANTASTIC learning with Carolyn. I am looking forward to hearing about the graphs that you make. Elly

  2. Your maths was cool as!