Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas

Wow! What an amazing year of learning in Aniwaniwa. I am so proud of you all and of the progress that you have made. Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your holiday with your family. I am looking forward to hearing all about your learning from your new teacher next year. Remember to come and say hi to me. Elly :)

Merry Christmas

We had the Year 6 graduation today. How exciting to hear the children talk about their years at Russell Street School. I wonder what the children in Aniwaniwa will say when they graduate?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Thoughts About Athletics

Fergus - I really liked playing in the sand when you run up and jump in it.

Katherine - I liked it when I won a race on the track.

Luke - I liked doing the races.

Aria - I liked it when I won 2 races.

Cooper - I liked the hurdles because you can jump over them.

Yassmine - I liked the running because I won 2 parts.

Jett - I liked the javelin because they go far.

Devin - I like the long jump because you get to jump far in the pit.

Matthew - I liked the one where you jumped into the pit because you could skid in the sand.

Charlotte - I liked having the running race because I put lots of effort into it.

Ayushman - I liked the high jump because I can jump so high.

Donatello - I liked the high jump because I kept jumping like a rabbit on it.

Zara - I liked having the race because me and Bridget ran too far.

Sophie - I liked doing the high jump because it was really fun.

Bridget - I really liked the hurdles because because my mum kept making me come to her.

Ashlee - I really liked shot put because when I did my first throw it hit someone. I tried it again and I got it straight and perfect.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

CO2 Cars

The seniors have been building and designing their own CO2 cars. They had their races this week. We went to have a look.

Flying Paper

What a lot of science we have been doing! This week we have been learning about aerodynamics - how that if we change the shape of a piece of paper, we can make the paper go further...

We experimented with cylinders (like a javelin), paper planes and screwed up balls...

Freyberg High School

The Year 9 Freyberg band came to perform for us on Tuesday. What instrument would you like to play when you grow up?

Discovery Time

We had some music on during discovery time. Jett and Bridget decided to do some dancing...


We have been learning about pressure. We know that if you put water and rocket fuel in a little container, bubbles start to form. When there are lots and lots of bubbles, and no more room for air, the pressure gets so big that it will pop!! Watch this...

Our Ramps

We learnt about friction when we were trying to get the balloon from Carolyn to Elly. We know that if there is less friction, things move faster. We made ramps to see how fast we could make our cars go. We tried lots of different materials.

Our Trip to see Dr Dave

We got to go to Dr Dave's hanger. Dr Dave told us all about planes and helicopters. We even got to sit inside a cockpit and pretend that we were flying!! What a cool trip.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday, we tried to make the balloon move along the piece of wool by taping it to a straw that was on the string. When we let the balloon go, the air came out, but it didn't move! Oh no!!

Today, we tried again. We changed two was the length of the straw...we made it longer. We also changed the wool to nice slippery fishing wire. Watch what happened this time!!

Carolyn told us that it worked today because there was less friction. Just like if you fall over on slippery grass or wet concrete.

Monday, November 1, 2010

How Things Move

We are learning about how things move! Today we discovered how we could make a balloon move without touching it.

We could blow it up, tie a knot and then blow it with the air from our lungs.

OR we could blow it up and then let it go - our arms are showing what the balloon does then!!

Hmmm...what made the balloons move today? Can you explain this to your family? Could we make the balloons go over to Carolyn's desk? Why or why not?

Monday, October 25, 2010


iPod Touch

Last week, we used the iPod touches for the first time. We can use them to help us with our learning. Elly showed us how we can practise our words using the iPod touches. Here is our first go...

Our New Mural

We have been waiting for AGES to see the new mural that Carolyn has been working on with some of the big kids. It got put up on was SO exciting to see it. It looks AMAZING! We helped the big kids think of some of their we can use it to help us with our learning.